[Gnso-ssc] Deadline Tomorrow (5 April) - Review of the SSC Charter

Emily Barabas emily.barabas at icann.org
Mon Apr 4 06:47:41 UTC 2022

Dear SSC members,

Please make sure to include your comments on potential SSC charter revisions here<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/docs.google.com/document/d/1KxpNrhmHhygx5Z29guAwpYC0TsNThrft/edit__;!!PtGJab4!sJbnQWLvc3gXXRRzD-tzD5e5t35yBlSkJLJ_UPyPg9cehoBTBdX_dKMSNkn2w-jrjImG7FdvJA$> by end of day tomorrow.

Kind regards,
Julie and Emily

From: Emily Barabas <emily.barabas at icann.org>
Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2022 at 14:14
To: "gnso-ssc at icann.org" <gnso-ssc at icann.org>
Subject: Reminder: Deadline 5 April - Review of the SSC Charter

Dear SSC members,

As a reminder, please review the SSC the charter and add comments/suggestions [docs.google.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/docs.google.com/document/d/1KxpNrhmHhygx5Z29guAwpYC0TsNThrft/edit__;!!PtGJab4!sJbnQWLvc3gXXRRzD-tzD5e5t35yBlSkJLJ_UPyPg9cehoBTBdX_dKMSNkn2w-jrjImG7FdvJA$> by Tuesday 5 April noting any items you think need to be revisited or revised.

Please feel free to reply on list with any questions.

Kind regards,
Julie and Emily

From: Arinola Akinyemi <jolakin69 at gmail.com>
Date: Wednesday, 23 March 2022 at 06:48
To: "gnso-ssc at icann.org" <gnso-ssc at icann.org>
Cc: Akinremi Peter Taiwo <compsoftnet at gmail.com>, Tomslin Samme-Nlar <mesumbeslin at gmail.com>, Emily Barabas <emily.barabas at icann.org>, Julie Hedlund <julie.hedlund at icann.org>
Subject: Re: [Ext] Re: FW: [Gnso-ssc] Review of the SSC Charter

Dear SSC members,

Now that we have approval from Council to move forward with the charter review, here are the suggested next steps:

  *   SSC members take two weeks to individually read through the charter and add comments/suggestions [docs.google.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/docs.google.com/document/d/1KxpNrhmHhygx5Z29guAwpYC0TsNThrft/edit__;!!PtGJab4!sJbnQWLvc3gXXRRzD-tzD5e5t35yBlSkJLJ_UPyPg9cehoBTBdX_dKMSNkn2w-jrjImG7FdvJA$> on any items they think need to be revisited or revised (deadline for input: 5 April).
  *   Staff circulates a doodle to schedule an SSC call for the week following the deadline (between 6 and 13 April).
  *   During the call, SSC discusses inputs from SSC members.
  *   Staff incorporates proposed edits based on this discussion.
  *   SSC reviews and approves edits by the mailing list, or in another meeting if additional discussion is needed.
  *   SSC submits proposed updates to the charter to Council.

If you have any concerns, feel free to respond on list. In addition, please keep an eye out for a doodle poll from staff.

Kind regards,

Arinola Akinyemi(Ms)
CEO,  DigiSphere Limited &Omar Ventures Limited
Founder,  DigiSphere Center for Digital Creativity(DCDC)

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Reply to: Tomslin Samme-Nlar <mesumbeslin at gmail.com<mailto:mesumbeslin at gmail.com>>
Date: Monday, 21 March 2022 at 13:21
To: "gnso-ssc at icann.org<mailto:gnso-ssc at icann.org>" <gnso-ssc at icann.org<mailto:gnso-ssc at icann.org>>, Arinola Akinyemi <jolakin69 at gmail.com<mailto:jolakin69 at gmail.com>>, Akinremi Peter Taiwo <compsoftnet at gmail.com<mailto:compsoftnet at gmail.com>>
Subject: Re: [Gnso-ssc] Review of the SSC Charter

Dear Arinola,

On behalf of council leadership, I am happy to inform you that the Council has no concerns nor objections to the request to review the SSC charter. The group can therefore move forward with the review.
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