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Fri Feb 25 14:35:19 UTC 2022

Dear SSC members,

The leadership team has noticed that few questions have come up recently
about the SSC charter that didn’t have clear answers. The charter has not
been reviewed and revised since 2018, and it may be time to look at whether
some updates are needed. If the SSC agrees that review and revision are
appropriate, we can request a charter review of the GNSO Council (next
steps outlined below).

To get the conversation started, the leadership team has made a few notes
in the current version of the charter here
commenting on items that the SSC may want to review and potentially propose
revising. If the SSC agrees that these and potentially other items should
be considered further, we can take the following steps:

   - SSC leadership notifies Council leadership that it would like to
   initiate a charter review
   - After confirming with Council that there are no concerns, Council
   leadership responds that the SSC can proceed
   - SSC reviews the charter and proposes revisions, then submits the
   updated charter to Council
   - Council votes to approve the updated charter

If there are any objections to going forward with a charter review, please
respond on the list by Friday 4 March. Absent any objections, the
leadership team will reach out to Council leadership to start the process.

Kind regards,

Arinola Akinyemi (Ms)


*Founder, DigiSphere Center for Digital Creativity*

*www.digisphere.com.ng <http://www.digisphere.com.ng/>*
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