[GTLD-WG] Workspace on the Issue of Private Ownership of Common Words as TLDs

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Nov 12 15:20:44 UTC 2012


Maybe it's misnamed or mis-placed, but I need to start somewhere. I'll
woirk the mechanics out with Staff.

Here is where I (and others on the call who expressed an interest) will
work on summary of the general opinions raised in the two received
objections, as well as an analysis. The document may or may not call for
further ALAC action, but at very least will attempt to reflect the
discussions that have gone on so far on the issue.

I welcome any input as this is being developed -- either as a comment on
the wiki page, private or public communications.

Evan Leibovitch
Toronto Canada

Em: evan at telly dot org
Sk: evanleibovitch
Tw: el56

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