[GTLD-WG] Update on SARP

Cintra Sooknanan cintra.sooknanan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 17:01:24 UTC 2012

Dear All,

Apologies for not being on the call today and any misunderstanding relating

In fact in the interim, I have recused myself of leadership and calls on
this Working Group and the Review Group since taking up the role of CMR; as
it was expressed (and I agreed) that this would be a perceived conflict of
interest. Sincere apologies if I was misunderstood the extent of COI in
taking this stance, but many of you being members of the JAS would have
been privy to that email discussion with ICANN staff. My intention has
always been to continue the work of these two groups once my role as CMR is
complete (which should be at the end of this month).

My SARP update is as follows:

The SARP composition and any announcements on their work has been under the
remit of Staff, as members have strict confidentiality requirements they
must adhere to. Over the past few months the SARP has been meeting and
evaluating the community support applicants with a final call to be held
this week. The SARP has been working on the basis of consensus and to a
large part in line with the recommendations of the JAS. In instances where
the SARP has questioned the basis of peculiar aspects of the application,
requests for further information have been sent to the applicant and/or
information requested from the CMR to provide background of the JAS
evaluation and criteria.

There have been some aspects of this process that have been identified as
unforseen and which require follow up from staff such as-

   - the fact that applicants may modify their applications (such updated
   applications must be re-reviewed by the SARP) and
   - also subsequent evaluation that the approved applicants' circumstances
   have not changed (eg. from a not for profit to for profit entity or change
   in financial position.

Also the SARP's evaluation has been limited strictly to the Board mandate
which did not include developing countries/local government and diaspora
communities etc. and it is anticipated that staff will make such
documentation (including SARP Training documentation) as well as the
mechanism for determining SARP members public soon.

I will be happy to discuss this further on the next call and resume my
duties on the working and review group if there is no objection.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

Cintra Sooknanan

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