[GTLD-WG] Meeting on Outreach evaluation & recommendation

Yaovi Atohoun yaovito at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 27 11:13:51 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I will work mainly with the "Survey" group but could also contribute to the "Theory formation"group.


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Objet : [GTLD-WG] Meeting on Outreach evaluation & recommendation


We had a meeting on 26 Nov to discuss this work item.  A lot of people could not make ths meeting.  and those who did make it were challenged by the really bad time I had communicating from Dubai.

In any case a few things happened.

- We walked through the draft proposal  found in <https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=38044058> and attached to this email.  In general the plan and the target dates for the activities got approval form those on the meeting.  If anyone on the group has comments on this plan, please let this WG know as this is the basic process that we will be following, barring any serious concerns.

- There was general agreement of working in teams.  At this point there are two teams that need volunteers.

   -- A. Theory formation 
       work to be completed by the end of the year

        Tijani has agreed to work on this team, but we need more volunteers.

       This task, which was already started with the blue sky sessions and augmented 
       with discussions in the Baku IGF, included collecting all of the possible reasons 
       that can be posited for the failure in both outreach for applications and applicant 
       support.  Once we have these, the group will be responsible to documenting 
       this for later review in our initial report.

       As I said above, this task NEEDS VOLUNTEERS

   -- B. Survey
       work to be completed before Beijing

       Dev has agreed to work on this, but we need more volunteers
       Dev sent out an intial sample to get this work started.

       This task includes two parts:
        ---  Creating a short questionnaire
        ---  Doing post questionnaire outreach

        Staff will be helping us complete this task
        Additionally Evan raised the question of perhaps obtaining funding
        for professional help in this task.  At this point we do not quite 
        know what might be needed.  Further discussions need to be held
        before we ask for any funding.

I recommend that people doing this work, use the main list as much as possible to hopefully draw others into the work.'

Most important note in this email/report.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to start doing stuff.

(Note: Yoavi did volunteer during the meeting but not sure which team he volunteered for)



A. Theory formation (till December mtg)
Team: Tijani  ?

B. Survey
B1. General outreach
10 question max ???

Open Questions (essay), multiple choice, T/F

Team: Dev, ???

    • on line questionnaire (till February Mtg)
    • create question
    • distribution (till March Mtg)
    • ICANN
    • ISOC
    • various hashtags
B2.  interview with regional groups (till Beijing)
    • ALSes
    • ISOC chapters
    • GAC
    • ccTLDs
    • follow up from questionnaire

C. Draft initial report on causes (Beijing + 4 weeks)
Team: ???

D. Draft proposed solutions (till Durban )

    • Fix for next round
    • Propose remediation round

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