[GTLD-WG] Community review of TMCH Strawman proposals

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 05:36:00 UTC 2012

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Evan Leibovitch <evanleibovitch at gmail.com>wrote:

> There are actually multiple related statements that the ALAC could (and IMO
> should) be making:
> 1. The issue of blocking domains based on prior use needs more thoughtful
> and nuanced approaches than are being relentlessly advanced.

Yes, I agree 'prior use' is not a matter of simple adoption. Each claim
must advance on its own merits.  Think equity here.

> 2. The current PDP system is too slow and unwieldy for many issues, and a
> PDP "light" is needed but its design must be balanced and have GAC and ALAC
> buy-in integral.

True, but the low hanging fruit for DPD process reform can come simply by
the way the issues are framed.  Look at what is happening with the current
"Thick WHOIS PDP', for instance.  It is evolving in a way that makes good

You really would not need a 'PDP light' if we make stark the separation
between the implementation issues, strategy and policy.  I've been
developing and writing policy in several areas for many years.  A policy is
a broad statement of intent with some very specific parts; the problem we
want to fix, the objective and the context. Look closely at some outputs
from PDPs and recognize a mix of policy, strategy and even implementation

> 3. Lack of clear distinction between policy and implementation, which has
> suited the GNSO well until now, is now being used against it.

See above.
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