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Mon Aug 5 19:07:15 UTC 2019

On Wednesday’s call, I hope to circulate the link to a survey, for everyone to spread to the community, regarding Geo Names scenarios. In an effort to get past the rhetoric and down to brass tacks, as we say, we’re looking at “outcomes” that we may or may not like. If we we are able to identify the outcomes we won’t and don’t want, we can set about crafting policy recommendations, if not for subproc than at least the board, that would most likely lead to those outcomes. Hope that makes sense. Remember the questions we will aks about each scenario are:

  1.  Do you believe this scenario to be likely, given the status quo?
  2.  How satisfied would you be with this scenario?

So, if you have suggestions or additional scenarios, let thos questions guide the structure. In other words, don’t just set up the conflict of interests but how it turns out. Also, if YOU think a particular scenario is duplicative or unlikely than let me know that as well. Thanks!

Here’s the doc for commenting!



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