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Thanks John. I guess the point is that the applicant guidebook is being rewritten and the rules regarding permission, etc. are being revisited and we're just trying to build a consensus position her in the At-large, to the extent possible, so that we might comment. Our attempt to just "share views" in Morocco was a bit of a mess so we came up with the ideas of scenarios. I'll look at your specific comments and try to incorporate the ones that make sense. Thanks again!

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    On 05/08/2019 20:07, Jonathan Zuck wrote:
    > *Folks,*
    > On Wednesday’s call, I hope to circulate the link to a survey, for 
    > everyone to spread to the community, regarding Geo Names scenarios. In 
    > an effort to get past the rhetoric and down to brass tacks, as we say, 
    > we’re looking at “outcomes” that we may or may not like. If we we are 
    > able to identify the outcomes we won’t and don’t want, we can set about 
    > crafting policy recommendations, if not for subproc than at least the 
    > board, that would most likely lead to those outcomes. Hope that makes 
    > sense. Remember the questions we will aks about each scenario are:
    >  1. Do you believe this scenario to be likely, given the status quo?
    >  2. How satisfied would you be with this scenario?
    It looks very much like an angels and pinheads situation with a lot of 
    hypotheticals. Some of the existing Geo NGTs are not doing well and it 
    might be better to examine the reasons for this before going off on a 
    tangent about hypothetical situations that may or may not affect a 
    second round of NGTs.
    On item 1: people in many areas outside the US consider their local 
    ccTLD to be the first choice TLD. Having millions of domains in a geo 
    database might be impressive but the Internet, and most people in those 
    regions will just ignore it and continue using their local ccTLD. (By 
    the way, .NAME is a real gTLD so it might better to use .EXAMPLE for 
    On item 2: Duplication. Capital city names are not necessarily unique. I 
    think that the guys from .BERLIN explained the process of having to get 
    permission from the city council/authorities before applying for the NGT.
    On item 3: Doesn't the Catholic Church have .CATHOLIC?
    On item 4: More rules and regulations for non-existent NGTs? Go look at 
    the structure of the .US ccTLD. It was intended to have a kind of 
    geographical and regulatory subdomains structure. The problem is that 
    TLDs tend towards simplicity. Brand names and business names matter in 
    most TLDs and trying to impose subdomains is not a good approach because 
    people generally ignore them. Worst of all, it creates confusion for the 
    NGT and opens the possibility of multiple pricing tiers.
    The assumptions in this hypothetical seem to be based on the 
    non-existence of ccTLDs as a direct competitor to Geo NGTs.
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