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On 05/08/2019 21:15, Jonathan Zuck wrote:
> Thanks John. I guess the point is that the applicant guidebook is being rewritten and the rules regarding permission, etc. are being revisited and we're just trying to build a consensus position her in the At-large, to the extent possible, so that we might comment. Our attempt to just "share views" in Morocco was a bit of a mess so we came up with the ideas of scenarios. I'll look at your specific comments and try to incorporate the ones that make sense. Thanks again!
> Jonathan
The danger is, Jonathan, that it At-Large could be repeating many of the 
mistakes of the first round by trying to suggest regulations that might 
not make sense.

Adding subdomains means that the registry has to spend more money on 
marketing these subdomains.

One of the main problems affecting some Geos is non-usage. Some of it is 
end user non usage where the registrar/hoster parks undeveloped domain 
names on PPC. The more damaging aspect is where an NGT is targeted for 
large scale warehousing of domain names. These are rarely developed and 
are often taken off the market with the intention of auctioning or 
selling them at a later date. Individual and small scale speculation is 
healthy and drives interest in a new TLD but the kind of overkill that 
was seen in some NGTs caused problems. Some NGTs were nearly flattened 
when the registries decided to hold back thousands of "premium" domain 

The ICANN registry-registrars model is completely in adequate as a one 
size fits all approach. It isn't workable with many developing markets 
where the numbers of domains under management of the largest players in 
that market means that they will never become an ICANN registrar because 
of the cost, complexity and lack of a market (many of these businesses 
are focused on their local ccTLD).

If there are too few local registrars handling a Geo NGT in the market, 
then it is likely to find it very difficult to attract registrations. In 
some countries, there are no ICANN accredited registrars. Some kind of 
explanation of the importance of a registrar/hoster network for 
prospective applicants might be a good thing.

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