[GTLD-WG] [CPWG] [registration-issues-wg] Discussion: End-users definition from At-large perspective

Evan Leibovitch evanleibovitch at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 16:31:40 UTC 2019

On Fri, 9 Aug 2019 at 11:09, Tijani BEN JEMAA <tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn>

I had the same understanding of the NCSG/NCUC. If they are in the GNSO,
> it’s because they are registrant.
> But unfortunately, the situation changed and now, they accept individuals
> and organizations with no relation with the gTLDs. They now define
> themselves as representing the civil society, and all non commercial users.

Hi Tijani,

Thanks for your explanation. What this means is that the structure of ICANN
has broken down and that constituent areas are not serving their intended

Perhaps it is time to get direction from the Board on this. It should not
be ALAC's task to clean up the problem in other constituencies or act as a
repository for disaffected community members who should be better served

Personally I would like some clarity regarding whether ALAC is meant to
represent registrants as well as non-registrant users, to clarify the
distinction beyond the vagueness of the Bylaws.

I see no conflict with registrants being in ALAC, so long as the shared
mandate and values there are to act for non-registrant end users. It is now
my experience that the needs of the two groups -- registrants and
non-registrants -- are not the same. They are certainly of different
priorities, some things matter to registrants that don't matter at all to
non-registrants (as I have indicated elsewhere), and occasionally their
interests are in complete opposition (on the issue of registrant privacy
versus accountability, for example).

Based on your observation, I would consider it a priority to clarify at the
Board level the roles of ALAC vis NCUC. And if NCUC is not serving its
purpose, either its leadership needs to be changed or a new constituency
(along the lines of NPOC) needs to be created within the NCPH. This
ambiguity has been the source of significant challenge and difficulty in
speaking for both groups. And it has become a reason for ALAC's poor
perception outside.


- Evan
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