[GTLD-WG] [CPWG] [registration-issues-wg] Discussion: End-users definition from At-large perspective

Nadira Alaraj nadira.araj at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 08:59:55 UTC 2019

Hello Sala,
Your points are an ideals situation but we're talking about a volunteer
environment particularly in At-large, that limits of how much time of
volunteerism could be afforded.

On Sun, Aug 11, 2019, 07:44 Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro <
sala at pasifikanexus.nu> wrote:

>    - At the end of the day, anyone who enters any of the constituencies
>    will need to take a capacity building and transition into understanding how
>    things work and the diverse content that exists and how to make sense of it.
> The capacity building provided by the constituency are on an ongoing basis
but for newcommers would be of a shock particularly to those whose English
as a second language. Reading this thread myself needed to translate some
of the words or even trying to understand the slang used. Imagine listening
to ICANN terminologis and acronyms from a senior community member during
the learning curve. That needs lots of dedication and interest from the

>    - This is why initiatives such as the Capacity building initiatives
>    within ICANN were created and it has always the goal to make the
>    information as simplified and possible.
> Agree, but still need lots of efforts by the entrant and the community.
Also no one knows all.

>    - To give credit to the webmasters, the website and model that it uses
>    including the wiki has almost everything there is to know about governance,
>    policies and procedures, scientific, financial reports etc.
> I aslo command the effort of all involved in developing the website and
populating the Wiki.
If we did a quick survey of how many of the current At-large members knows
how to navigate around of ICANN Wiki you will be surprised of the exact
On this issue, I hope that all ATLAS III participants are asked to update
or create their SOI and even add their reports to be familiarized of ICANN
working platform.

>    - Without dedicated mentoring and capacity building newcomers can
>    easily get overwhelmed and lost.
> True, given the assumption that the mentors knows well their own
constituency and able to give the right mentorship.

>    - To address this there has to be several attempts at providing this
>    transitionary capacity building and mentoring several times a year
>    depending on an analysis on new memberships that can easily be done
>    virtually and through existing systems and innovative new approaches.
> An excellent suggestion but needs lots of time and resources.

>    - Everyone who has entered ICANN at some stage has had their hand held
>    to some extent.
> Only if they have the interest to reach the right information or the right

Many thanks,
> Sala
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