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Dear all,

I write in relation to the agreed pre-ICANN66 informational webinar (to be
scheduled during Prep Week, which runs from 14-17 October) and the plenary
session to be held during the ICANN66 Meeting itself, on DNS Abuse. I’ve
included those who staff recalls from the ALAC, BC, ccNSO, GAC, IPC, RrSG,
RySG and SSAC had expressed interest in participating in and/or supporting
these sessions, but please let me know if I have missed anyone (or added
anyone who doesn’t wish to be part of the planning process!)

As this is the first time that we will be doing a pre-Meeting informational
webinar, followed by the actual plenary session, and as we have multiple
community groups involved in planning and executing these sessions, I hope
it will be helpful to suggest that this group begin to discuss the
following points:

   1. *What should the pre-Meeting informational webinar cover, and what
   should the Montreal plenary session cover?*

   - You can find the topic descriptions as submitted here:

   - As submitted by the GAC: *“This session approaches the topic of DNS
   Abuse by first looking at the key practical issues followed by a
   facilitated community discussion. DNS Abuse takes a variety of forms, and
   the session will explore – using definitions and examples – what type of
   conduct has traditionally been labelled “DNS Abuse”, an important precursor
   to arriving at a joint definition of DNS Abuse. In a second step, the
   session will explore how registry and registrar operators mitigate and
   address DNS Abuse/security threats, by looking at examples of prevention
   and mitigation measures. Following that, the session will provide a gap
   analysis of issues left to address – including possible challenges to
   prevention and mitigation measures. This session will include discussion of
   how evolving legal and regulatory frameworks put DNS Abuse investigations
   and mitigations performed by 3rd parties at risk, how aware lawmakers and
   regulators of these risks, how governments are working together to bring
   clarity to these issues, and actions the ICANN community can take based on
   the experience it has accumulated on this matter over time and most
   recently through several processes including the CCT Review, the Domain
   Abuse Activity Reporting and the DNS Infrastructure Abuse Audits.*”
   - As submitted by the RySG: *“This session approaches the currently "hot
   topic" of DNS Abuse by first looking at the key practical issues followed
   by a facilitated community discussion. First, we'll take a focused look at
   ICANN's bylaws and remit and next, explore how registry and registrar
   operators mitigate and address DNS Abuse/security threats in that context.
   Third, the community will be invited to discuss issues arising and proposed

   1. *Assuming that all the interested groups will wish to be involved in
   both the webinar and plenary session, how shall we proceed in terms of who
   will do what for both, and in light of the recent open letter to the ICANN
   community from the RySG (reattached for your convenience)?*

Staff will be happy to organize a call to discuss these preliminary
matters; we just thought it may be helpful to kickstart the discussions by
connecting everyone via email.

For your information, and as has been the practice with previous
cross-community and high-interest topics, an ICANN Org Senior Executive
will be tasked with assisting you with your planning, with relevant
Meetings and Policy team staff to help manage logistics and overall session
management (including a proposed date and time for the pre-Meeting
webinar). I will get back to you with further details very shortly. Thank


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