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Jonathan Zuck JZuck at innovatorsnetwork.org
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Thanks for starting this discussion today and for your encouraging words on the call. The goal would be to create easily digestible, neutral content to help people understand an issue before we begin deliberations. Rather than commission glossy videos, we can leverage the presentations that an expert might provide, and the services of our simultaneous translations to provide multi-lingual enduring resources on a particular topic.

Here’s a link to some experiments: cpwg.wiki/geovid<http://cpwg.wiki/geovid>

My first experiment, geonames.mp4, involved typing up a script and then building slides to support it. This has the benefit of being the most “crisp” video, free from a lot of “ums and pauses and such” but it would be important to manage the pace as it is easy to be too quick when reading from a script.

I asked Andy Mack to do a Spanish version of the script and record it for me to sync to the video and his reading was TWICE as long. Now he’s not a professional, by any means, but that might suggest that there will be timing differences between languages. My attempt to make a SPANISH version from that is: geonames_es.mp4. I attempted to go back and make an English version that was that slow and I really couldn’t do it so there ended up being a lot of long pauses in that version of the video.  Ideally, there would be just ONE version of the video and multiple audio tracks!

My next experiment was to use a presentation from a call and make the non-English versions using the recordings. Those experiments are the 4 “Platform” videos.  It wasn’t an ideal presentation because I was in a car and couldn’t really read my slides, we had a lost connecxtion, etc. but hopefully, by listening to the translated versions, you can get a sense if that would work for you with a slightly better delivery in the first place.  I hope we can get folks to listen to each of the other languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and give your impression of their usefulness. If that CAN work, that would be the most efficient way to create these videos. I was able to create the platform videos in about 20min, just to give you a sense, so let me know what you think.


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