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I got hired to make a video calling attention to the risks, sort of...

Jonathan Zuck
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Hi all.
I am now in Kiev, attending the RIPE NCC meeting.
In the first half day DNS over HTTPS has been “the” topic. First, there has been a presentation by Taras Heichenko - see https://www.ripe.net/participate/forms/uploads/fobi_plugins/file/ripe-ncc-days-kyiv/Heichenko-Kyiv_c9c20432-48ac-4dcd-be4e-f068190c9f97.pdf - that illustrated the technology after a brief general explanation of the DNS. Then Paul Vixie - see https://www.ripe.net/participate/forms/uploads/fobi_plugins/file/ripe-ncc-days-kyiv/2019-09%20dns%20wars%20ripedayskyiv_799b5067-66a7-48ef-a962-e2cae5aa677f.pdf - presented a vehement attack on DoH getting into details about all the damages it can, and will, produce. I have asked him whether pressure from the users could have any effect, to which he answered that many users trust their browser suppliers more than they trust, e.g., their government, so he doubts that this pressure could be created.
To me, this means that we, as ALAC, have the basic task of informing the users about the risks and create awareness in first place. It seems to me that besides technical circles - RIPE NCC being one - there is not enough information to the laymen users.

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Il 2019-06-24 17:12 Roberto Gaetano ha scritto:
Video recording and transcription are not yet available.
However, I am sure that Vittorio can send, in the meantime, the slides
of his presentation.
He is in copy of this message - but he is also here in Marrakesh, so
any of us who sees him can ask.

Hi all,

the information on last week's panel, including the link to download the presentation that I gave, can be found here:


Video is not yet available, but you can watch the version I gave at FOSDEM, though the EuroDIG one was updated and especially integrated with an easier explanation of encrypted DNS for non-technical people:


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-------->        now blogging & more at http://bertola.eu/   <--------

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