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Satish Babu (Google Docs) via CPWG cpwg at icann.org
Thu Oct 10 02:58:50 UTC 2019

Satish Babu replied to a comment in the following document
At-Large CPWG Process for Comment  

Eduardo Diaz
This a process for everything we do, however, in the context of the CPWG  
the process should be narrowed in scope to policy issues only.

So, if this graphic is going to be part of the charter I suggest that it  
shows only that part that pertains to the CPWG scope which is policy.

Bastiaan Goslings
This whole diagram looks to me like a detailed description of the 'Develop  
position/action in the '3. CPWG Ingest process' funnel. If so maybe an  
explicit referral would help to avoid confusion.

Maureen Hilyard
This provides good guidance for the development of how the CPWG (and its  
charter) fits into the At-Large PDP process. I like the expectation of  
involvement of the RALOs

Ricardo Holmquist
I have a "trouble" with this graphic, for me some of the steps are in  
parallel, not one after the other. For example, the RALO part does not need  
to be after the Penholder or the CPWG Discuss, hence narrowing its  
discussion, when a RALO might have a opposite position or a different  
view.  As for the question of Ed, this graphic needs to be in conjuction  
with the inverted pyramid where his comment is included.

Nadira Al Araj
Yes, RALOS 3 boxes can be replaced by one box  that says something in this  
(RALOs are encouraged to respond to surveys developed by  CPWG)

DC Dogs
I think the manner and circumstances in which we involve the RALOs will  
continue to evolve so it's meant to be general at the moment. It might be  
surveys or it might just be the active participation of RALO leaders.

Satish Babu
I think we should consider "end-users" as part of the diagram (and not stop  
at RALOs). Our real target group is the end-user community, but they are  
out of the chart...we should probably modify the RALO box(es) to include  
end-users as well.

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