[GTLD-WG] [CPWG] DNS Abuse (Framework proposed by 11 Registries and Registrars)

Hadia Abdelsalam Mokhtar EL miniawi Hadia at tra.gov.eg
Fri Oct 18 10:09:49 UTC 2019

?Thanks Olivier for sharing


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Dear colleagues,

please read the Framework proposed by a number of Registrars and Registries. A very interesting starting point relating to the discussion about DNS Abuse.
Kindest regards,


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Hello all,

While this was not an initiative of either the RrSG or the RySG, it seemed pertinent to share here, especially given the previous webinar and importance of the topic in Montreal.

11 leading Registries and Registrars have come together and used their collective expertise to establish a shared understanding and definition of DNS abuse Using those definitions, the document then proposes a framework for action on DNS Abuse.

Please see the attached PDF or this link http://www.circleid.com/posts/20191017_domain_registries_and_registrars_release_joint_document_on_dns/

We look forward to discussing this further with all of you in Montreal and beyond.

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