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Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Nov 25 00:35:23 UTC 2019

Recall that PIR has already agonized over the restrictions that it would
put on orgs to get special status when it created .NGO/.ONG ... Some people
thought that this is what .org should have always been, but this is what we
have now. Asking for .org to have rules more stringent than the status quo
is problematic.

IMO. Just keeping the current status as PIR being a nonprofit -- even under
Ethos -- would be OK for me. WIthout the nonprofit status the
pronouncements made are as useless at the Public Interest Commitments
tacked onto new gTLD contracts. They are volunteered and can be casually
withdrawn at any time. Who's to say that Ethos won't flip PIR to someone
else without even the platitudes currently offered? The only thing that
would assure the community that PIR would actually *commit* to being
mission driven would be to maintain nonprofit status.

Now.... to make a point that I've expressed poorly until now.

What makes the discussion about this SO difficult is that there are
actually multiple different issues:

   - The rationale for ISOC selling PIR
   - Selling PIR to a private equity company that turns it from nonprofit
   to for-profit
   - The start-to-end process, from "do we sell?" to "we've done a
   contract", done out of sight of ISOC members and chapters as well as ICANN

and three different stakeholder points if view:

   - ISOC members, chapters and other members of its community
   - Owners of .org domains
   - ICANN At-Large and others who care about this transaction and its
   consequences on public trust in the DNS etc

To this end I have taken a stab at an issues matrix which tries to offer
the differing perspectives where these issues and stakeholders intersect;
it's a Google Doc with access public to anyone with this link
Comments are enabled but I'll delete anything unsigned.

Please let me know if you find this useful, even as just a strawman that
identifies the complexity of the discussion.

- Evan
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