[IANAtransition] Statement of IG community in the Arab World - US Gov. Decision to Transfer its Oversight function on the "IANA" to the Global Multi-stakeholder Community

Mohamed El Bashir mbashir at mbash.net
Thu Mar 27 13:36:42 UTC 2014

Statement of

The Internet Governance Community in the Arab World


The US Government Decision to Transfer its Oversight function on the
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority "IANA" to the Global  Multi-stakeholder

It is a true and great moment for Internet governance and it is with great
pleasure that we receive news from the National Telecommunication and
Information Administration (NTIA) of the US Department of Commerce
(DoC)that it intends to transition and globalize IANA's oversight
functions and
move towards a true global multi-stakeholder model.

The envisaged model should be based on participation of all stakeholder
groups, each in their respective roles. It should be global,
inclusive,transparent, neutral and free of control from any government
or company.

The new model should also build upon the principles of the World Summit on
the Information Society, Tunis Agenda as well as the processes that emerged
out of it pertaining to Internet Governance.

 We appreciate and intend to be fully engaged in the consultation process
which must be open to all stakeholders, transparent, fair, engaging,
representative and reflects global geographical diversity. The consultation
process should lead to the definition of, and the transition towards, a
fully engaging model where different people and nations around the world
have an equal voice in the process of governing the Internet.

 While recognizing ICANN's successful stewardship in administering the
domain name system, and in the spirit of keeping the Internet stable,
secure, resilient and open to all stakeholders on equal footing, we urge
everyone around the world to be fully engaged in the consultation process
to make it more representative.

We call upon the convener of the consultation process to make sure that all
stakeholders (e.g. governments, private sector, civil society, academia,
technical community and any other interested parties) from the different
parts of  the world are engaged, and that their views are fully respected
in the process without discrimination either economically or politically.
We ask for a transparent process that allows this engagement, participation
and ensures its open to all.

 Furthermore, we emphasize that the envisaged ICANN lead consultation
process needs to make use of relevant international and regional discussion
fora, in order to take into consideration the special needs of developing
countries and least developed countries, particularly in designing suitable
models and formats of such consultation process. The process should also
take into account the contributions of the regional IGF communities so that
the regional perspectives are considered.

We intend with the support of the Arab IGF conveners to extend our
dialogue, discussion and contribute to the future planned global
consultation process on the new governance model of the IANA functions.

Submitted by Mohamed El Bashir on Behalf of The Internet Governance
Community in the Arab World
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