[IANAtransition] AB Proposal for: The New ICANN Principles and The Transition Process

Abdussalam Baryun abdussalambaryun at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 16:50:23 UTC 2014

Date: 27.03.2014
By Abdussalam Baryun (AB)

The AB Proposal (the aim is: volunteering proposal for better internet):

*Introduction: the transition process period should be within 2 years (the
final full transition may be in April 2016) but starts about September
2014. I agree making it simple is best way to get to agreements between the
world individuals (i.e. people, organisations, and countries). However,
ICANN needs to identify all interested in its business/success, and we
never can identify individuals only through countries.

1) Plan the milestones (within 2 years to get to the full transition) of
adding rules to the current ICANN structure and involving
addition new stakeholders. Each internet region needs an elected director
and each country needs an elected director in that multistakeholder
structure. Previous agreements/contracts to be ended and establishing new
agreements/policies only with ICANN that involves the multistakeholder

2) The proposed answer to the requested questions in ICANN meeting:

    - What are the most important principles?
a) Openess, b) diverse internet community rights in participation, c)
stakeholder body election through the individual people not
through individual organisations.

For each internet region it needs a new representative as director in ICANN
(if there is a current one we leave him/her to train the new) and each
country has a new representative in ICANN which replaces the current if
available. Elections for 4 years for internet-countries and 2 years for
internet-regions. The internet community is divided in nation-communities
(each country people have an internet community that involves all
sectors/business/societies/etc.), and electing directors through people.
Directors are representing their nation community and works with the region
director. ICANN MUST not be involving other multinational organisations
because they serve a different service and ICANN service is focused for all
people that make the end-user and real internet stakeholder (the people and
end-user pays all the profits/costs for all services).

    - What are the most important transition applicabilities or use cases?
We needed more information from previous job holder (which is the NTIA) to
answer this question. So may be it can answer, and
governments/multinational-organisations can know what is better between
them. (I submitted yesterday a request on this list but no reply from ICANN

    - What mechanisms are important to ensure a well-run process?
In general, the answer may be mentioned in the proposed points. However, we
need more information about NTIA procedures to better answer to the
question. However, current ICANN managers need to confirm that it is able
to be successful or that they think there are gaps with their suggestions.
(I submitted yesterday a request on this list but no reply from ICANN

3) The ICANN future decisions needs to include multistakeholders
consensus, that is the internet community consensus. If consensus not
established then ICANN's directors may decide together the closes
resolution so that ICANN can continue its work without delays.

4) The meetings that involve ICANN, IETF, and RIR occurring between now and
September 2015, SHOULD involve all people of the internet community, and
the meeting leaders SHOULD not be current leaders but SHOULD be elected for
this transition issues, so they have focused brain not much busy with other

5) ICANN should be encouraging discussions (through the 2 years) within
country-communities (ISOC SHOULD help in this through its Chapters in
countries) and cross-community discussions within Internet regions (Africa,
Europe, Asia, America, South America) to make awareness and more success.

Please ICANN send us your feedback on the list of all proposals you
collected and what is the result. I don't want this list to have no result
from discussions, or no output report of discussions/inputs. Please don't
forget to acknowledge the community by individuals.

I may send another proposal related to other issues.

Best Regards

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