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Brian and I share a common outlook here.


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> On 03/04/2014 04:05, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> >
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> >> I am confident NTIA will not agree a transition plan that doesn't
> demonstrate
> >> it either tackles, or has a clear route to tackling, the full extent of
> NTIA's role.
> >
> > I hope Vint, Patrik and other ISOC heavyweights take this observation of
> Jordan's very seriously. If you think NTIA is simply going to give the
> whole of the IANA functions to ICANN while a very large, well-informed and
> responsible segment of the community is not supporting that, you are living
> in a fantasy world.
> >
> > NTIA has made it clear that any transition plan must have widespread
> support among all the relevant stakeholder groups. As I write this,
> Congressional hearings are underway which will put additional pressure on
> NTIA to ensure the accountability of ICANN to the relevant stakeholder
> groups. It is time for Brian, Vint, PAtrik et al to stop dismissing these
> concerns and start entertaining seriously the accountability concerns.
> I'm all for accountability, and I've said so more than once. But I fail
> to see why that needs a new vested-interest organisation, rather than
> reinforcement of ICANN's numerous existing stakeholder relationships.
>     Brian
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