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Both ALAC and NCSG in ICANN have at separate  times and at other times 
together, tried to get consumer constituencies off the ground.

NCSG has had a candidate non commercial consumer constituency for 
several years, and this is represented on the NCSG executive and policy 
committees by Dorothy Gordon. The candidate constituency has, however, 
been remarkably inactive.

That is, we have tried the new process for initiating a new 
constituency, but never reached closure.  Under the rules of ICANN and 
the NCSG, the only hing that was really missing for this to have become 
a full constituency was consistent activity and participation in WGs and 
the like.

Note: As an NCSG member, we can belong to up 3 constituencies (albeit we 
only have 2 full constituencies at the moment) because our voting is 
done at a flat SG level.  I am a member of this candidate consumer 
constituency that has never gone anywhere.


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The "consumer stakeholder" issue is an interesting one.

Does (should) ALAC, considered to represent the "end user," represent 
consumers as such?  Should it do it more, or not at all?

Does the NCSG represent consumers?  Maybe in certain aspects, maybe not 
in others.

IP lawyers (me among them) will argue that the trademark laws are really 
consumer protection laws, and that the IPC protects consumers to an 
extent (many if not most in the IPC would agree that the new gTLDs were 
far more pain than pleasure).  Even if you accept the argument, it still 
doesn't replace the consumers' voice.

So, maybe there should be a consumers constituency of some sort, to 
represent consumers as such (i.e., those on the receiving end of 
commercial transactions).  ICANN does have a method for proposing and 
activating new constituencies; I don't remember this being tried in my 
tenure.  In part, it has to start with some dedicated stakeholder 
representatives who want to take on the task, and take the time to be 
active not only as stakeholders, but as pioneers.  The NPOC is the only 
"new" constituency during my tenure -- I'm sure there are lessons to be 
learned from their experiences.

Greg Shatan

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