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Tamer Rizk trizk at inficron.com
Thu Apr 3 20:55:55 UTC 2014

This is in response to my own comment the other day, for which a list 
member pointed out to me that it may be misread as attributing a 
particular stance on the UN to Mr. DelBianco. I said:

"...with concern for corruption due to problems with participation and 
majority voting by the UN..."

which some may read as "Mr. DelBianco believes the UN is corrupt", which 
is not what he said. *My interpretation* of his comment is that he was 
drawing an analogy between UN majority voting and a potential voting 
scenario by the GAC, in concern that such a scenario may be susceptible 
to corruption.

So as to rectify any misunderstand of my comment reflecting on the 
hearing, I have transcribed Mr. DelBianco comments verbatim below:

At 2:02:01:

"...ICANN's government advisory committee, or GAC, you heard today, they 
can change their operating procedures at any time. They can change from 
the consensus they have today to majority voting, which is what they are 
used to at the United Nations. There was only 61 governments who showed 
up at the ICANN meeting, so 31 governments would have been enough for a 
majority. So lets say those governments advise ICANN that the new TLD 
.corrupt- the .corrupt top level domain, must get government permission 
for any domain that matches the name of a government official..."


I am grateful to the list member who graciously contacted me off-list, 
affording me the opportunity to redress and I am further glad that 
external entities exist to hold me accountable, otherwise I would have 
unknowingly done Mr. DelBianco injustice.


Tamer Rizk wrote:
> To Mr. DelBianco's (NetChoice) comments that external oversight is
> needed to fill NTIA and Verisign roles, with concern for corruption due
> to problems with participation and majority voting by the UN: I do not
> see how an oversight body such as the United Nations Security Council
> (or modeled after the UNSC), even if chaired by a country such as the
> US, would be susceptible to that kind of corruption. The vested
> interests of participating parties would be too great, and global
> security and stability would be common ground.
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