[IANAtransition] Separation of Responsibilities from current SoW

Chip Sharp (chsharp) chsharp at cisco.com
Sat Apr 12 03:39:30 UTC 2014

Since there seems to be a lot of discussion on the list about what is or is not in the current contract about separation of policy development and operational roles of the IANA function, I thought it might be useful to pull the text from the Statement of Work.

>From SA1301-12-CN-0035 and SA1301-12-RP-0043:

"C.2.5 Separation of Policy Development and Operational Roles -- The Contractor shall ensure that designated IANA functions staff members will not initiate, advance, or advocate any policy development related to the IANA functions. The Contractor’s staff may respond to requests for information requested by interested and affected parties as enumerated in Section C.1.3 to inform ongoing policy discussions and may request guidance or clarification as necessary for the performance of the IANA functions.”

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