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norms are a documentation of normailty, as it is or as it is 
targeted. Standards are how to build from the norm. Norms are 
acknowledged or not. Stanadards are accepted or not. All of them are 
used on a voluntary basis. When the use is by the State, they become 
the law and are mandatory and enforced. If this is on an MS basis, 
each stakeholder decides to use them or not, what may result in 
consensus or dissensus. The hope is that consensuses being more 
advantageous to all, dissensus auto-reduces. This is just a hope.

The international network works like the UK, since the begining the 
USG has the same role as the Queen. Not much, but enough for no one 
claiming to replace it. This insures stability. Now, the USG wants to 
abdicate and make the Kingdom accept its clark as its heir, Prince of Wales.

Question is: what should the Queen, the clark, the Lords and the 
commons do for it to work?


At 18:42 12/04/2014, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64The other option is for someone 
>else to step into the contractual
>position now held by ICANN.  The question, of course, being 
>whom‚•H[˜[ÙÞHHÙY\ÛÛZ[™È˜XÚÈÈ\Èthe one John Curran (I think)
>raised - the bank card numbering scheme:
>- The standard is maintained by ISO (akin to IETF)
>- The "issuer identification database" is administered by ANSI (akin to
>- ISO has designated ANSI as the "registration authority" (akin to the
>NTIA contract)
>- it seems to all work
>- all the parties involved are multi-stakeholder, voluntary organizations
>What's not clear are:
>- the legal/contractual details of the ISO-ANSI designation
>- what remedies are in place if ANSI doesn't do the job
>- perhaps some of the specifics about why and how the registration 
>function shifted from the American Bankers Association to ANSI (I 
>expect there are some lessons to be learned that are directly applicable here)
>Note that there are multiple other standards body / registration 
>authority case studies that can be examined - both ISO and otherwise.
>Do we have anybody here who is closer to the history of standards 
>bodies, who might be able to add substance here?
>Miles Fidelman
>Richard Hill wrote:
>>Brian suggests that functional separation would be ensured if the 
>>current functional separation provision of the IANA contract is 
>>added to the ICANN Bylaws.
>>I disagree, because the ICANN Board could at any time repeal or 
>>change such a provision in the ICANN Bylaws.
>]       Às why I keep saying that either the ICANN Bylaws have to be 
>drastically revised (including so that they cannot be changed by the 
>Board) or we should envisage structural separation.
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>ˆÝ\œ™[ÛÕƒà ø(> On 12/04/2014 15:39, Chip Sharp (chsharp) wrote:
>>>Ú[˜ÙH\™HÙY[\ÈÈ™HHÝ of discussion on the list about
>>>what is or is not in the current contract about separation of
>ˆÛXÞH]™[Àpment and operational roles of the IANA function, I
>>ought it might be useful to pull the text from the Statement of Work.
>>‚ƒãâ$2ã"ãR6W&F­öâöböÆ­7'FWfVÆ÷ÖVçBàd Operational Roles
>ˆKHHÛ۝˜XÝ܈Ú[[œÝ\™H at t designated IANA functions
>>ÝY™ˆY[X™\œÈÚ[›Ý[š@tiate, advance, or advocate any policy
>>>development related to the IANA functions. The Contractor's staff
>ˆ@ay respond to requests for information requested by interested
>>>and affected parties as enumerated in Section C.1.3 to inform
>ˆÛ™ÛÚ[™ÈÛXÞH\ØÝ\ÜÚ[ÛœÈ[™X^H™\]Y at st guidance or
>>>clarification as necessary for the performance of the IANA functions."
>>‚æBF†÷6R&WV—&Pments should be added to ICANN's By Laws. I
>>>If that's all we're arguing about, the argument's over.
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