[IANAtransition] Can we refocus the discussion? (Was re: The ONLY IANA Registry that Really Matters is the IPv4 Address Space)

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 22:31:41 UTC 2014

On 21/04/2014 07:41, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> The gigantic hole in your argument, Barry (and Mike) lies here:
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>> At this point I tend to believe IANA should just become an ICANN 
>> function with some sort of straightforwad oversight and accountability structure.
> Tell, me what that "oversight and accountability structure" is. 
> I guarantee you, if you think about it seriously and come up with an actually functioning and effective accountability structure that leaves IANA inside ICANN, it will not be simpler, and may be a lot more complex, than what IGP proposed. 
> I'm expecting an answer. 

My answer would be:

1. A supervsiory Council of Registrars as proposed by IAHC in 1997.
(This is not CORE as it exists today, of course.)

2. A strategy to dissolve ICANN in its present form and
reconstitute it as an NGO in a more neutral jurisdiction
(with transitional arrangements for existing commercial

3. A poison pill added to the Articles of Incorporation
of the current California corporation to ensure that the
above two points stick or ICANN dissolves itself anyway.

I have a question, too: if IANA was separated from ICANN,
why would ICANN still exist? Unless I am deeply misunderstanding
the work of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, ICANN
is a powerless and pointless shell without it.


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