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On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 9:21 PM, Brian E Carpenter <
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> On 06/05/2014 01:16, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> > Registry operators have a "vested interest" in accurate and secure root
> zone changes, since it is _their_ data we are talking about. (I am not a
> registry operator and get no support for them. This is just common sense.)
> Absolutely no disagreement there. I was thinking of another aspect:
> the users of the DNS (in a very broad sense) are the potential
> victims of bad decisions made by ICANN that favour the interests of
> registry operators to the detriment of others.
> ++1 my point exactly about the non-ICANers however i guess there won't be
a perfect inclusive approach other than ensuring that the role of the
committee does not in anyway include decision making. It will infact be
desired that those selected from the various communities sign an
undertaking of not representing their communities but the entire Internet


>     Brian
> > Not saying others shouldn't be involved and hava an important voice in
> the transition, but the idea that RZF changes are going to be made more
> accurate and secure because GAC representatives or consumer organizations
> are looking over their shoulder strikes me as prima facie implausible.
> >
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> >> On 05/05/2014 05:33, Milton L Mueller wrote:
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> >>> "It is imperative that registry operators sit at the table on equal
> footing with
> >> those organizations [IAB, ISOC, IETF] and without ICANN intermediation.
> >> Accordingly, we call on ICANN to expand the proposed steering group to
> >> include two representatives selected by the ccTLD community and two
> >> representatives selected by the Registry Stakeholder Group as "affected
> >> parties."
> >>
> >> Shouldn't the NRO also be in the brackets?
> >>
> >> That said, it's hard to disagree, but I remain concerned that the
> registry
> >> operators have a vested interest and that the voice of the users of DNS
> >> registrar services should be heard somehow.
> >>
> >>    Brian
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