[IANAtransition] On Enhancing ICANN Accountability

Richard Hill rhill at hill-a.ch
Sat May 31 05:35:59 UTC 2014

Please see below.

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>> At 21:19 30/05/2014, Tamer Rizk wrote:
>>> @Michel, Sovereignty is the quality of having independent authority over a geographic area.
>> This looks an outdated Westphalian concept to me. Sovereignty means absolute authority. 
>>Not bound by foreign laws
>I hope you agree that nations are example of sovereign entity. So when a nation by
> it's sovereignty does things against the global law (UN's), then such country gets penalized.

Rarely.  But it is correct to say that the country is violating the applicable treaty, and perhaps international law.

>Would you then agree that the UN rules is foreign and nations bound by them. 

Sovereign states voluntarily agree to relinquish some of their sovereignty by agreeing to treaties, in particular the UN treaties.  They are bound by the treaties.

>Does that diminish nation's sovereign rights? 

Yes, of course. That is the very point of agreeing a treaty.

>I don't think so. 

See above.  I can provide examples if required.


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