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Hello Daniel,

Before this creates another long thread, the summary of my point was a
response to Nick indicating that ICANN is not only involved in names.
I believe I have in no way indicated that RIR PDP is top down and it will
be quite irresponsible of me to say that as chair of an RIR PDP.
Ofcourse ISPs could decide to renumber but we both know that will
practically be an unrealistic dream ;)


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On 28 Jul 2014 07:27, "Daniel Karrenberg" <daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net>

> On 28.07.14 7:44 , Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> > Perhaps my choice of word may have meant too much ;) maybe "coordinates"
> > is a better word than "manage". The numbers that RIR manages don't come
> > from heaven neither does the names. They all gets allocated by ICANN
> > (/8s to RIR and first level TLDs to registrars) There is just a
> > thin(which is significant though) difference between the role of ICANN
> > in names and numbers and that is largely credited to their respective
> > policy processes.
> > While my point is not to over emphasis the role of ICANN, I think we
> > also should not downplay it's role. There is a top down structure in
> > allocating resource globally and ICANN as the maintainer of IANA is the
> > top of this.
> It is all a matter of perspective: policy in the number resources area
> is truly bottom up all the way to the top. All the IANA does is
> implement that policy. Were ICANN to do something not in line with those
> policies, the bottom, ultimately the ISPs, would simply ignore it and
> the Internet would just continue to work.
> In other words: The ISPs ultimately decide which numbers they use. They
> have organised RIRs and decided to use IANA for a small part of global
> coordination. If these arrangements no longer work for them, they will
> make other arrangements.
> Daniel
> PS: Integers are integers. IANA does not produce them. They just are.
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