[ianatransition] Coordination Group Charter, Public Comments

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Sun Aug 17 22:54:30 UTC 2014

At 00:31 18/08/2014, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>Beyond that - if not here, then where is the place for 
>accountability discussions?
>Miles Fidelman
>Mike Roberts wrote:
>>You make precisely the points I intended.  I would not characterize 
>>two parallel but separate processes as "joined at the hip."
>>There is a place for acountability discussions.  It is not here.

 From what I observe on private preparatory lists, there is the IGC 
oriented work on the way ICANN is going to survive the NTIA removal, 
and the grassroots/political/commercial considerations on the way 
competition is going to play its accountability role. My feeling is 
that only we are in August while ICANN national alternatives and 
commercial/Libre competition will probably emerge this fall and 
develop at the turn of the year.

M S G 

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