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Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Wed Oct 15 22:18:25 UTC 2014

A thought that has been bubbling away here at ICANN LA this week for me:

If we are going to have a successful transition, it's really important for
the numbers and protocols folks to understand that:

a) they have superior accountability situations to the names people today
b) the names people cannot copy number/protocol accountability mechanisms
because they aren't organised outside ICANN
c) it isn't possible for names to organise outside ICANN in the way
numbers/protocol people do
d) there may need to be structural changes or new bodies to provide a
workable settlement for names
e) without a workable settlement for names, there isn't going to be a

I raise this now because both for numbers and protocols there's a clear
direction to try and rule out any institutional changes.

I strongly caution against any part of the community being dogmatic about
any of these, because it will a) attract some attention that'll risk the
whole transition process failing (esp. from governments), and b) means that
a negotiated outcome is harder to achieve, also risking failure.

Wonder how others feel about this.


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