[ICANN-CSC] CSC Meeting 1 Recordings & Notes

Maria Otanes maria.otanes at icann.org
Fri Oct 7 21:00:54 UTC 2016

Dear CSC members,


Please find the meeting notes for yesterday’s CSC Meeting 1 and the recordings below.


Adobe Connect Recording:



Audio Recording:





Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting 1

6 October 2016 @ 19:00 UTC



Members/Liaisons: Jay Daly, Byron Holland, Elise Lindeberg, Kal Feher, James Gannon, Lars-Johan Liman, Elaine Prius, Jeff Bedser, Elise Gerich


Staff: Trang Nguyen, Yuko Green, Kim Carlson, Ria Otanes


Apologies: Mohamed El Bashir



1.       Action items from the last call

2.       Open discussion items from the last call

3.       AOB



Action Items:

·         Members/Liaisons are asked to provide their feedback to mailing list regarding items you’d like to address

·         ICANN staff - doodle poll to set up rotating regular monthly call

·         Jay and Elaine to do presentation on SLE in Hyderabad


Open Discussion Items:

·         Decision need to be made on work plan

o   What format should monthly reports be received in, or is dashboard sufficient?

o   Ascertaining ICANN/PTI resources – staff available to support committee

·         Suggested monthly teleconference initially

·         Suggested F2F meetings at ICANN meetings for those already attending meeting

·         Early review of the charter

·         What should go in the operating procedure

·         Define operating procedure, that will be separate from the Charter, including communication

·         Offer suggestions on content, layout, etc., on CSC website

·         Who should take initiative in working with ICANN to set up the web space

·         Review if the various documents have everything captured, what’s urgent versus what’s important



·         Byron Holland has been selected as Chair - initial role first year

·         All four members must attend meetings to have quorum

·         Jay Daly has been selected as Primary contact

·         Elaine Pruis has been selected as Secondary contact

·         No call will be scheduled before Hyderabad meeting

·         F2F Meeting in Hyderabad, spot held on day 6 – block one. Requested optional early start


All the best,



Ria Otanes

Secretariat Operations Coordinator

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Washington, DC Office

Office +1 (202) 249-7540 | Cell +1 (202) 679-5185

Email maria.otanes at icann.org

Skype maria.otanes.icann


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