[ICANN-CSC] Strawman Internal rules CSC

Feher, Kal Kalman.Feher at neustar.biz
Mon Jan 23 03:13:26 UTC 2017

Thank you Bart for sending these rules around. I think they are an excellent start.

I have a couple of quick points I'd like to raise:

This may be showing my ignorance of established ICANN processes, however I was wondering if there is a common definition of the term"Business days" ('working days' is also used in section 4) as it applies to individuals within the CSC? Naturally we don't all share the same work calendars, so is the term relative to the individual upon whom the specific obligation is placed?

I would also like to see a discussion of the level of participation observers may have in CSC meetings. Do we have examples from other committees that could guide us in this regard?

Thank you again for getting the ball rolling.

Kal Feher

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Dear all,
Please find included the first draft of internal practices for the CSC for you review,
Kind regards,

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