[ICANN-CSC] CSC Meeting 11: Recordings, Notes, & Chat

Maria Otanes maria.otanes at icann.org
Fri Jun 16 13:27:28 UTC 2017

Dear Customer Standing Committee,


Please find the meeting recordings and action items below. The action items/notes/agenda and a copy of the chat are attached.


Adobe Connect Recording



Audio Recording




Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting 11

15 June 2017 @ 20:00-21:30 UTC


Members/Liaisons: Byron Holland, Elise Lindeberg, Jay Daley, Elaine Pruis, Kal Feher, Mohamed El Bashir, Jeff Bedser 

Not present: James Gannon, Lars-Johan Liman

PTI: Elise Gerich, Marilia Hirano, Kim Davies

Staff: Ria Otanes, Bart Boswinkel, Amy Creamer

Observers: Allan MacGillivray

Apologies: None

Documents shared: see wiki space: https://community.icann.org/x/0EjwAw


Action Items

Action 11 2017 01: Byron to provide strawman on Remedial Action Procedures after the call

Action 11 2017 02: PTI to look into data collected with respect to submission of IDN Tables and include in addendum/table in July report

Action 11 2017 03:  PTI check with vendor on adding the questions with size of TLD operator (TLD names managed by operator) on basis of self-selection

Action 11 2017 04: PTI to send draft survey to CSC list to seek additional feed-back from CSC

Action 11 2017 05:  PTI to report back after conversation with vendor if there are issues with implementation of suggestions and that may affect the timeline

Action 11 2017 06:  Secretariat to send out call for liaison to Review team CSC charter

Action 11 2017 07: Secretariat to send cheat sheet/overview of documentation and put item on next agenda.

Action 11 2017 08: PTI Document the complaint / escalation as appropriate to inform CSC


Have a wonderful weekend.




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