[ICANN-CSC] Attributable measures and Dashboard implementation

Elise Gerich elise.gerich at iana.org
Wed Mar 8 02:12:35 UTC 2017

Dear CSC colleagues,

On our last call, there was an exception related to the measure of “manual lodgment”.  The exception was caused by the receipt of insufficient information in the email so it was necessary to seek clarifications from the requester.  That back-and-forth with the requester caused us to miss the SLA for “manual lodgment”. Jay Daley indicated that one of the principles documented by the Design Team was that of attributable measures, and the time PTI spent awaiting confirmation for the clarification should not count against PTI.  I reviewed the final Design Team document and did not find anything that defined the lodgment measurement as counting the clarification time against PTI’s processing time.  Our process for handling tickets will need to be revised in order to capture the time between receipt of the email request, receipt of the clarification, and creation of a ticket to move the ticket forward in RZMS.  When we have implemented the change to our process, we will be able to collect the measurements for time attributable to PTI and time attributable to the requester. 

This is one of the enhancements to the collection of data and production of the real-time dashboard that we would like to discuss with the CSC at our next meeting.

Best regards,
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