[ICANN-CSC] IDN practices submission service

Feher, Kal Kalman.Feher at neustar.biz
Tue Mar 14 15:16:09 UTC 2017

During our Q&A with the RySG today, it was raised to us by Rubens Kuhl that IDN practices submission and publication falls within the CSC's responsibilities. My immediate reaction was that this should be a protocol assignment metric, but I'm assured it falls under our remit.

Does anyone with more history or context knowledge than me have additional information on this?

Since we don't have an SLE for it, should a new SLE be created? I'm assuming the process would be similar to having one modified.


Is it appropriate to add IDN practice submission/publication under an existing SLE such as "Other changes"? Noting that the target measurement would have been developed without awareness of such additional scope.

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