[ICANN-CSC] Distribution of monthly CSC reports

Byron Holland byron.holland at cira.ca
Tue Oct 17 01:52:34 UTC 2017

Thanks for confirming that the request was community driven.  That being the case, please proceed with including the CSC report in the consolidated email to the requesting communities.


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Hi Trang,
Thanks for confirming. It's ok by me.

On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 4:51 PM Trang Nguyen <trang.nguyen at icann.org<mailto:trang.nguyen at icann.org>> wrote:
Dear All,

One of the action items from today’s call was to inquire with ICANN registrar and registry engagement teams regarding consolidation of communications to registrars and registries.

I have followed up with our registrar and registry engagement teams and have been told that the request for fewer and consolidated communications come from the registrars and registries, and ICANN organization is just trying to comply with this request.

This being the case, please let us know if the CSC is okay with ICANN organization consolidating the distribution of this month and future months’ CSC reports with other communications that go to registrars and registries. This might mean that there could be a delay in the registrars and registries receiving this report.

There is no change to the distribution of the CSC reports to the SO/AC lists. There is also the option for registrars and registries to get added to the CSC-announce mailing list and receive the CSC reports as soon as it is available.



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