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Naela Sarras naela.sarras at iana.org
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I guess I expected a more global change from Complaints to Escalations. But now that I re-read the changes, I understand why complaints is still there. I am ok with the slides staying as is, my concern is that the difference between a compliant and an escalation is subtle and while it is understood to those of us involved with the CSC, it will be lost on the general audience. Maybe it’s something to talk to in the slides.






On 10/29/17, 3:55 PM, "Allan MacGillivray" <allan.macgillivray at cira.ca> wrote:


Naela - we changed the word 'complaints' to 'escalations' to be consistent with the wording in the CSC report. Was something more being sought?

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Hi Allan,


Slide 3 in the short version and slide 7 in the long version don’t seem to have been updated per the discussion we had a little earlier today. Namely following the terminology used in the CSC reports on PTI performance for referring to escalations.






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I am attaching new drafts of two decks for your use in Abu Dhabi.  While the first ‘longer one’ is a now a bit shorter bit shorter, it still may seem to be a bit long. The reasons for this include the need for ‘obligatory consultations’ (slide 6 on performance of PTI, slide 14 on the SLE changes) as well as the slides on the PTI survey.  You will recall that the CSC has committed to PTI that it would raise the issue of survey participation with the registries.  The second deck is much shorter, which might be used for the meeting with the ICANN Board.  There is still time to make changes, but these will need to be finalized by Friday.






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