[ICANN-CSC] Letter to CSC Charter Review team

Allan MacGillivray allan.macgillivray at cira.ca
Tue Feb 13 19:37:07 UTC 2018

Kal - I just looked at this for the first time this afternoon.  It prompted me to go back and try to figure out where this stands.  In the hope of perhaps saving people a few steps, I believe that Jay and you produced the attached 'Variable SLA Change Procedures' document.  It defined four categories of SLA changes: 1. New SLA, 2. Change SLA definition and target/threshold, 3. Change SLA target/threshold (only), and 4. Remove SLA.  For three of the four categories (1, 2, 4) there would be 'full community consultation', while for 3, there would be no 'full consultation', but the CSC would directly consult the affected customer communities'.  Unless this very sensible approach has been superseded by something I have missed, you could perhaps incorporate the following into the letter with the following words:

"The CSC will develop appropriate processes for engagement with registry operators and the community commensurate with the nature of the SLA change being proposed.  While consultations with registry operators would always be required, where the changes proposed are more minor, such as a change to only a target/threshold, a full community consultation would not be required".


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Hello all,
Attached is the proposed letter to be sent to the CSC Charter Review team.
Please feel free to provide any alterations or feedback.

Kal Feher
Neustar Inc.
Melbourne, Australia

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