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Hi Allan,


Thank you for your email and for pointing out the exact language from the CSC charter.


It’s ok to keep the same terminology as long as it is understood that not all individual complaints are referred to the CSC, only the ones that the customer feels were not satisfactorily resolved by the IANA Services team and chooses to escalate it to our management. As soon as that happens, the IANA Services team informs the CSC that a complaint has been escalated.


Thank you, 



On 10/15/18, 10:46 AM, "Allan MacGillivray" <allan.macgillivray at cira.ca> wrote:


Trang/Naela – I thought that I would respond to your individual comments in one email.


Trang – I’m very happy to reflect the excellent cooperation from ICANN on the SLA changes but can’t seem to find the specific text you are referring to.  Could you send me some text that I could paste in?


Naela – the language on ‘complaints’ comes right out of the CSC Charter (pasted below), but I’m very open to something consistent with this.


“The CSC may receive complaints from individual registry operators regarding the performance of the IANA Naming Function; however, the CSC will not become involved in a direct dispute between any registry operator and the IANA Functions Operator. The CSC will review individual complaints with a view to identifying whether there are any patterns of poor performance by the IANA Functions Operator in responding to complaints of a similar nature.”



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Hi Allan,


Thank you for all of your work in putting these decks together. I had one more suggestion in addition to the one that Naela raised below. On slide 12 of the long deck and slide 8 of the short deck, as ICANN, PTI, and the CSC have been collaborating on the SLA change procedures, it would be good to reflect the collaboration of all three parties in place of the single reference to IANA Functions Operator, which per the IANA Naming Function Contract is ICANN. 






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Hi Allan,


Thank you for sharing the updated slides. One feedback on slide #6 of the short deck and #8 of the long deck, the second sub-bullet points refers to individual complaints. I believe it needs to be adjusted to “escalated complaints.”  


•CSC role is limited to:

•monitoring PTI’s overall complaint management system

•being informed of the status of individual complaints


Thank you,



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Colleagues – thank you for your comments on the earlier versions of these two decks.  I am attaching what I hope will be the final versions – one named ‘long version’ and the other ‘short version’.  To my mind the ‘short version’ is too long, so I would recommended that it alone be used.  The ‘long version’ does re-use about five more slides from last year’s deck, which was the first time that we gave the ICANN community an annual update.  The newer members of the CSC in particular may find it useful.


If anyone would like a pdf version, please ask.  



Allan MacGillivray



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