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Thank you Elaine.  I have made the edits but will wait a while before circulating another version.  Glad that you are going over it in detail.


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Thanks for putting this together Allan!
Two things: edit this
“seeking seek ccNSO,”

And are you asking for text for the CSC effectiveness review (where it says “one line reference”)?
Maybe add the estimated time line or name the members of the review team.


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Hi Allan,

Thanks for making the changes.


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Thanks Naela. I will make those changes next week.

I have another question for you and the CSC team.  Are the slides on the SLA changes sufficient for the Barcelona briefings or do we need a longer stand alone document?

Thank you and have a great weekend


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Hi Allan,

Thank you for sharing the slides.  Please see below some notes:

Slide 3 – PTI liaison to CSC is me, Naela Sarras
Slide 6 – Second half of the sentence on metrics met could perhaps change to “such changes would re-classify the metrics as met and increase the overall performance rating”
Slide 8 – PTI sent 2 Escalations to CSC since October 2017. None in 2018 calendar year so far.

Best regards,


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Colleagues – as per item 23 09 below, attached please find a copy of the draft presentation on the ‘annual review’ for use in Barcelona.  Those who were with us last year will find it quite familiar as it ‘repurposes’ last year’s deck.  Last year we had both ‘long’ and a short’ versions, with the former being used at the CSC meeting and the latter at the GNSO and ccNSO meetings.  What you will find attached is the ‘long version’.  Once we have a measure of consensus on it, we can drop some slides to produce the ‘short version.

I hope this works for everyone.  Might I ask for comment and edits within 7 days, that is, COB September 27?

Thank you


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Dear CSC,

Please find the action items below. The notes and chat are attached.

AC Recording: https://participate.icann.org/p6ai9nl2gdy/

All docs related to Meeting 23 can be found on the Wiki: https://community.icann.org/x/OwuNBQ

Action Items
Action 23 01: Trang to circulate material on volunteer. Volunteers have one week to contemplate.
Action 23 02: CSC to take decision on list two weeks of today
Action 23 03: All documentation re Change mechanism to be circulated to full group after the call
Action 23 04: All to look at proposed change mechanism and comment online
Action 23 05: Staff to re-circulate letter and amended charter CSC
Action 23 06: Staff propose text RAP to meet requirements on change procedure per amended charter and for adoption by CSC and PTI
Action 23 07: Proposal to Include requirement to inform RySG, ccNSO and GNSO Councils in RAP for adoption by CSC and PTI
Action 23 08: Secretariat work through logistics, regularize meeting and for meeting in Barcelona
Action 23 09: Bart and Allan prepare the annual overview presentation


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