[ICANN-CSC] CSC Meeting 27: Recording, Notes, & Chat

Maria Otanes maria.otanes at icann.org
Tue Feb 19 15:38:33 UTC 2019

Dear CSC,


Please find notes and AC chat attached.


Adobe Connect Recording: https://participate.icann.org/p7duqm8dzp1/



President PTI (Kim Davies) Informs CSC that amended RAP has been approved by PTI



Action 01 27 2019: PTI (Naela) to check with development team what ETA will be for new format. To be mailed to list.  

Action 02 27 2019: PTI (Naela) to document on how to deal with changes reflecting requirements in SLA change process document.

Action 03 27 2019: PTI to develop planning document ( + tentative timelines etc. to include SLA re LGR/IDN tables)

Action 04 27 2019: Secretariat to publish amended RAP to make effective and archive current version.

Action 05 27 2019: CSC membership to provide feedback on slide deck to inform ICANN Board BTC circulated to list. Feedback to be shared by 22 February.

Action 06 27 2019: Secretariat to check available time on Sunday, 10 March for the CSC to meet with PTI Board






Ria Otanes

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