[ICANN-CSC] Draft Deck for Use at ICANN Kobe Meeting

Allan MacGillivray allan.macgillivray at cira.ca
Tue Feb 19 19:27:38 UTC 2019

Elaine – thanks for your input.  Attached is a revised deck.  I have made the suggested changes along with a few non-substantive edits, other than to note that there was only one comment during the public comments on the IANA Naming Functions Contract amendments (which ended on Monday), the supportive one from the RySG.  Further comments and edits are welcomed.

I have tried to draft this deck with the meeting with the ICANN Board Technical Committee, as some of them may not be that familiar with what you do.  As such, it is a bit long for the updates that are sometimes done for the ccNSO and RySG and others.  To help with this, I have done a single page that some of you may find useful.


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Thanks Allan,
Some edits and suggestions:
1. Move pages 13&14 to after page 7:
(Revisions for SLAs to page 8).
2. Replace X and Y for Escalations
3. Remove the first "meet":
The CSC charter RT
• recommended that the CSC meet continue to
meet the ccNSO and RySG at least twice annually
that it also meet with the ICANN and PTI Boards,


On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 6:39 AM Allan MacGillivray <allan.macgillivray at cira.ca<mailto:allan.macgillivray at cira.ca>> wrote:
Following the brief discussion at the last CSC meeting, I have prepared the attached draft of a deck for use in Kobe.  I do not propose that we take the time at next week’s meeting to go over it. Rather, I request that you send me any comments or edits you may like to see.  It is intended for use in any of the sessions the CSC or its members may have.



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