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Naela Sarras naela.sarras at iana.org
Tue Jan 15 18:54:16 UTC 2019

Hello Brett,


Thank you for your comments. 


The 6.13days number is the staff processing time for one of the two requests that fell in that category for December 2018. The other request for that category was 0.15 days. 


Per the SLE Definition document, the Other category is defined as follows:


“Other non-routine change requests. IANA is required to process change requests that may have special handling requirements, or require additional documentary evidence or additional clarifications from the customer or third parties, that do not afford them the ability to automate. These scenarios include, but are not necessarily limited to:


i.                     Customers that require requests to be handled outside the online self-service platform, such as those lodging change requests through the exchange of postal mail;

ii.                   Customers that have placed special handling instructions on file with IANA, or have otherwise asked for special handling for a request that deviates from the normal process, that must be executed manually by IANA staff;

iii.                 Unique legal or regulatory encumbrances that must be satisfied that require additional processing; 

iv.                 Removing a TLD from service (e.g. retirement or revocation);

v.                   Changes that relate to the operation of the root zone itself, including changing the Root Key Signing Key, altering the set of authoritative name servers for the root zone (e.g. the “root servers”), and changes to the “root hints” file. 

vi.                 These types of changes should be categorized distinctly from those requests for which there is a clear regularly conducted process that adheres to the typical processing path and may be removed from the SLE pool.”


In this case, the request was category iii above where the request required additional time in the legal review process. The legal review is done by our colleagues in the legal department. In this case, the request stayed in that step for most of those six days as it required additional processing by the legal staff.


With regards to showing equivalent month from one year ago for year to year or month to month comparison steps, that is certainly doable through the custom range option on the Realtime dashboard (https://sle-dashboard.iana.org/). If the CSC wants this to become a permeant feature of the monthly report where we display data for the last six months plus the equivalent month from the year before, I can request this as a feature in our reporting tool to see when we can provide that.


Best regards,



From: Brett Carr <brett.carr at nominet.uk>
Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:32 AM
To: Naela Sarras <naela.sarras at iana.org>, "icann-csc at icann.org" <ICANN-CSC at icann.org>
Subject: [Ext] Re: [ICANN-CSC] December 2018 IANA Naming Function Performance Report


All (Happy new year)


Naela: An excellent report again, well done to all at IANA.


I have two comments/questions:


Page 17, Staff Processing/Other: Has taken quite a leap from it normally being less than a day for between 1-4 requests to it being 6.13 days for 2 requests. I wonder if you can give any background to this jump, is it normal for December perhaps.


That brings me on nicely to my second comment which is: It’s useful to see figures from previous months to compare against however would it also be useful to see the figure from the equivalent month 1 year ago to also compare against. I would imagine the month of December for example has a dip in requests and in staff availability and so seeing Dec2017 against Dec 2018 may be useful. This applies to other parts of the year I would imagine as well.






Brett Carr
Manager DNS and Network Engineering
Nominet UK




From: ICANN-CSC <icann-csc-bounces at icann.org> on behalf of Naela Sarras <naela.sarras at iana.org>
Date: Thursday, 10 January 2019 at 19:03
To: "icann-csc at icann.org" <ICANN-CSC at icann.org>
Subject: [ICANN-CSC] December 2018 IANA Naming Function Performance Report


Dear Colleagues,


Happy 2019. 


Enclosed is the IANA Naming Function Performance report for the month of December 2018.  During the month of December, we met 100% of the SLA thresholds. 


We look forward to discussing the report with you at the next CSC meeting.


Best regards,




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