[ICANN-CSC] CSC January teleconf cancelled.

Brett Carr brett.carr at nominet.uk
Fri Jan 10 13:14:26 UTC 2020

Here is my vote to approve/adopt all three items.

Oh and a happy new year to everybody who would have been on the call (



Brett Carr
Manager DNS and Network Engineering
Nominet UK

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Date: Friday, 10 January 2020 at 12:07
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Subject: [ICANN-CSC] CSC January teleconf cancelled.

    TL;DR: meeting cancelled. Voting members need to vote on three matters
    over e-mail.
    1) Adopt PTI report (by Jan 15).
    2) Approve CSC report (by Jan 15).
    3) Approve changed ccTLD SLAs (by Jan 22).
    Long version:
    My best wishes for 2020!
    In discussions with Brett and our support staff preparing for a teleconf
    next week, we all realised that there are currently no pressing issues
    for us to discuss, save the monthly CSC report and one more. In light of
    this, Brett and I agreed to give some time back to you by cancelling the
    teleconf and deal with these matters over e-mail instead.
    The items that I suggest we deal with here are:
    1) As the PTI reported excellent performance, and since we have kicked
       around the resulting CSC report on the list, I suggest you adopt (or
       not) the PTI report and show your support (or dissent) for the
       current version of the CSC report (appended) by saying so to the
       mailing list. If I receive full support for them from all voting
       members, I will deem consensus and publish our report. Please
       indicate your level of support to the list by COB Wednesday, 15
       Januari 2020.
    2) Naela recently sent a very thorough document, "Service Levels for the
       ccTLD Creation and Transfer Process.pdf", as background for changing
       the SLAs. Thank you for that, Naela! We've discussed this at length
       in the past, but we now have a formal proposal that the CSC needs to
       approve. (This is action 02 on the action list.) Please indicate your
       level of support of the proposed changes to the mailing list by COB
       Wednesday, 22 Januari 2020.
       If there is substantial discussion, we'll save this item for the
       February meeting.
    As a reminder, these are the standing items we usually have on our
    agenda. If anyone has any questions or something to report, please do so
    to the mailing list.
    * PTI Performance December 2019
      a) PTI report to CSC
      b) CSC Findings PTI Performance
    * SLA Amendments – Updates
      a) Formal approval SLA change creation and transfer ccTLDs
      b) Implementation planning
    * IFRT Update
    I also append my understanding of the current status of the action items
    the last meeting.
    I can report that I have been in contact with the Board Technical
    Committee about meeting with them during ICANN 67 in Cancún. The
    discussions are still ongoing, as we are trying to find the best forms
    for such a meeting.
    Our next teleconference is planned for Wednesday, 19 February 2020 at
    18:00 UTC.
    				Best regards,
                                       CSC Chair

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