[ICANN-CSC] CSC January teleconf cancelled.

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Fri Jan 10 13:29:37 UTC 2020

Best wishes for all New/Old new years!

On 1/10/20 3:06 PM, Lars-Johan Liman wrote:

My votes are
> All,
> TL;DR: meeting cancelled. Voting members need to vote on three matters
> over e-mail.
> 1) Adopt PTI report (by Jan 15).
> 2) Approve CSC report (by Jan 15).
> 3) Approve changed ccTLD SLAs (by Jan 22).




> Long version:
> My best wishes for 2020!
> In discussions with Brett and our support staff preparing for a teleconf
> next week, we all realised that there are currently no pressing issues
> for us to discuss, save the monthly CSC report and one more. In light of
> this, Brett and I agreed to give some time back to you by cancelling the
> teleconf and deal with these matters over e-mail instead.
> The items that I suggest we deal with here are:
> 1) As the PTI reported excellent performance, and since we have kicked
>     around the resulting CSC report on the list, I suggest you adopt (or
>     not) the PTI report and show your support (or dissent) for the
>     current version of the CSC report (appended) by saying so to the
>     mailing list. If I receive full support for them from all voting
>     members, I will deem consensus and publish our report. Please
>     indicate your level of support to the list by COB Wednesday, 15
>     Januari 2020.
> 2) Naela recently sent a very thorough document, "Service Levels for the
>     ccTLD Creation and Transfer Process.pdf", as background for changing
>     the SLAs. Thank you for that, Naela! We've discussed this at length
>     in the past, but we now have a formal proposal that the CSC needs to
>     approve. (This is action 02 on the action list.) Please indicate your
>     level of support of the proposed changes to the mailing list by COB
>     Wednesday, 22 Januari 2020.
>     If there is substantial discussion, we'll save this item for the
>     February meeting.
> As a reminder, these are the standing items we usually have on our
> agenda. If anyone has any questions or something to report, please do so
> to the mailing list.
> * PTI Performance December 2019
>    a) PTI report to CSC
>    b) CSC Findings PTI Performance
> * SLA Amendments – Updates
>    a) Formal approval SLA change creation and transfer ccTLDs
>    b) Implementation planning
> * IFRT Update
> I also append my understanding of the current status of the action items
> the last meeting.
> I can report that I have been in contact with the Board Technical
> Committee about meeting with them during ICANN 67 in Cancún. The
> discussions are still ongoing, as we are trying to find the best forms
> for such a meeting.
> Our next teleconference is planned for Wednesday, 19 February 2020 at
> 18:00 UTC.
> 				Best regards,
> 				  /Liman
>                                     CSC Chair
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