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Wed Dec 8 23:47:25 UTC 2021

Hi Brett,

First I will note that there is a PR company that has sent several organizations to us for .int domains who do not qualify, including this organization. The organization in question wants IANA to reinterpret the requirements in a way that would allow them to get an .int. We have engaged them with over a dozen emails where we have plainly explained how and why they do not meet any of the 3 eligibility criteria we use to assess .int domains. During this time we also engaged an outside expert in international law who provided us with an analysis that also concluded they were ineligible. The applicant has most recently contacted the ICANN ombudsman asking them to override IANA’s assessment.

Amy Creamer
Director of Operations

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Subject: [Ext] Re: November 2021 IANA Naming Function Performance Report

Thanks Amy,
    Great to see 100% again ☺

Could you give a little more detail on the escalation please. Did they escalate because they didn’t meet the eligibility requirements or was this something they became aware of when they escalated. Have the organisation in question accepted now that they are not eligible or are they planning to take this further?



Brett Carr
Manager DNS Engineering
Nominet UK

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Subject: [ICANN-CSC] November 2021 IANA Naming Function Performance Report
Dear CSC,

Please find attached the IANA Naming Function Performance report for October 2021. During the month of October, we met 100% of the SLA thresholds.

During the month of November PTI received one escalation from an organization applying for an .int domain who did not meet any of the three eligibility requirements.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have about the report.


Amy Creamer
Director of Operations, IANA Services
Email: amy.creamer at iana.org<mailto:amy.creamer at iana.org>
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