[ICANN-CSC] May 2021 IANA Naming Function Performance Report

Brett Carr brett.carr at nominet.uk
Mon Jun 14 10:17:17 UTC 2021

Thanks Selina,

>One request had technical configuration issues that failed the technical tests. The nature of the issue related to nameserver unreachability, which compounded the test execution time beyond the target SLA. The testing on this individual TLD was repeated 20 times >throughout the month and therefore had a significant impact on the overall metric. We continue to evaluate optimizations that would reduce the cascading effect of unresponsive name servers on overall test execution time.

Perhaps at the next meeting you could give us a little more detail on what the nature of this failure was and maybe an update/progress report on these evaluations.



Brett Carr
Manager DNS Engineering
Nominet UK

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    Dear CSC,

    Please find attached the IANA Naming Function Performance report for May 2021. During the month of May, we met 98.4% of the SLA thresholds.

    We look forward to answering any questions you may have about the report.

    Kind regards,

    Selina Harrington
    Lead IANA Services Specialist

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