[ICANN-CSC] Apologies for missing today's meeting.

Lars-Johan Liman liman at netnod.se
Wed Jan 19 10:46:06 UTC 2022


My deepest and most sincere apologies for missing the meeting that just
passed. For some reason it hadn't made it into my electronic calendar,
so when I checked it this morning it was blank between 1000h and 1500h.
A possible aggravating factor is that I spent the better part of the
night on guard duty at the boat club, so my level of attention is (if
possible) even lower than usual.

I've found the mail with the invite from Claudia, and it's in perfectly
good order, so the calendar problem is entirely on my side.

When* this happens again, will you all please call me on my phone and
yell at me move my sorry a-- to the computer A.S.A.P.?

The number is +46-708-540666

Chances are that I'm near my phone but not at my computer.

And my warm thanks to (I assume?) Brett for running the meeting.

				Devastated :-( ,

* I have no hope that the word "if" is appropriate here ... :-(

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