[ICANN-CSC] Draft Agenda CSC meeting 62, Wednesday 15 June 2022, The Hague (ICANN74)

Bart Boswinkel bart.boswinkel at icann.org
Thu Jun 9 16:50:55 UTC 2022

Dear all,
Please find included the draft agenda for the upcoming CSC meeting. Please note it is part of the ICANN74 hybrid meeting. The CSS will be joined by the CSC Review Team (see agenda). The RT is included in copy.

Kind regards,

Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting 62
Wednesday, 15 June 2022, ICANN74
07.00 – 08.00 UTC ( 09.00-10.00 am local time)
Draft Agenda

1. Welcome & Roll Call

2. Action Items

Action Items

Action item 01 61 2022

Secretariat to circulate Findings


Action item 02 60 2022

Secretariat to schedule meeting with CSC RT during ICANN74 in the Hague

Included agenda item 4

All Actions completed

3. Performance IANA Naming Function May 2022

a)      PTI report to CSC May 2022.

b)      Discussion, if any, PTI’s Notification of a recent Performance Incident
The CSC received notification from PTI on 8 June 2022 (20.00 UTC) about an incident that will impact SLA performance for May, and is expected to have an impact on our performance in June.

c)       CSC Findings PTI Performance May 2022.

4. Meeting with CSC Effectiveness review team

Update by and discussion with CSC Effectiveness Review

Items for discussion:

  1.  CSC Review Team Effectiveness Findings to date
  2.  Discussion on additional topics that emerged during the review
     *   Frequency of meetings
     *   Attracting new and adequate volunteers, appointment of alternates
     *   Scope of CSC / Is there expectation SLAs are reviewed periodically?

5. Progress Upcoming CSC members and Liaisons appointment
The term of the following members and liaisons ends 1 October 2022:

•       Gaurav Vedi (RySG)

•       Brett Carr (ccNSO)

  *   Lars-Johan Liman (term limited) - RSAC
  *   Laxmi Prasad Yadav – GAC

6. Next Meetings

  *   Meeting 63, 20 July 02.00- 03.00 UTC
  *   Meeting 64, 17 August 2022, 10.00-11.00 UTC
  *   Meeting 65, ICANN75 (17-22 September 2022) TBD’ed

7.  AOB

8. Adjourn

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