[IDN-WG] [APAC-Discuss] At-Large Community Views Requested on Draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs

Satish Babu sbabu at ieee.org
Tue Jul 2 08:54:53 UTC 2013

Thanks Edmon. I agree with you that reaching out to the technical community
is also perhaps an essential pre-requisite to the successful adoption of


On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 2:03 PM, Edmon <edmon at isoc.hk> wrote:

> As more languages consider their IDN Variant policies, we may see other
> challenges as well, so I am not sure whether it will ever be "complete"...
> but I think the operational experience already out there and the framework
> of the UX report should provide us enough to go out to the technical
> community to alert them about it and then perhaps there might be feedback
> to prompt more work too...

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